Welcome to GRIT-solutions

At GRIT solutions we want to make sure you keep moving in the right direction. Whether cloud or on premise we provide everything you need – consultants, experts, developers, programmers, project managers and solution architects.

We assess, organize, simplify and streamline your IT operations to support your business. We make sure you get the full benefit of new technologies, applications, infrastructure and architectures.

As a result we focus on three main areas: consultancy, product development and our managed services.

Our specialisations

These services will create for your organisation a cost-effective, scalable, flexible, and resilient server infrastructure to support your business critical applications.
The Software development team has an active development team that can be deployed very quickly and which uses an efficient ‘agile’ approach.

NEW cloud based storage solutions:

Together with Colt we can offer you an unlimited amount of data in four European data centers on a pay as you use basis starting at 0,09 € per GB per month!

You keep full control with no limits and you can store as little or as much data as you like. Once installed you will only pay for what you use. You can choose the number of copies and the locations.

Setup can be done within minutes. Enjoy high availability thanks to our state of the art data centres and industry leading SLA’s.

Contact us for more info or a demo.

Colt online storage properties:

  • True Opex model
  • Selectable data location
  • Variable contract length
  • Pay per use
  • No installation or setup cost
  • Object storage
  • Compatible with a wide range of applications

NEW hypervisor based replication:

Together with our partner Zerto we offer virtual aware protection of your IT environment.

Install Zerto, link with our vCLoud and start your replication. It’s that easy. It’s the first hardware agnostic, VMware agnostic hypervisor based replication solution for tier one applications.

Thanks to the integrated journaling classical LUN count can be reduced by 40 %. Typical RTO’s of 5 seconds at an affordable price.

Contact us for more info or a demo.

Unique Zerto properties:

  • Designed to replicate at hypervisor level and to automate failovers & recoveries
  • Designed to replicate at hypervisor level and to automate failovers & recoveries
  • Restoration from any point in time: you can go back as far as 120 hours
  • Application consistent: SQL, Exchange and Oracle on Windows and Linux
  • Clone a machine or group of machines to create consistency at application level
  • The storage and LUN configurations are irrelevant
  • No site constraints as long as you meet these basic requirements:
    • vCenter at each location
    • at least ESX 4.x hosts
    • network connectivity


Our experts gathered valuable know how during their careers and can advise you on all IT aspects.

From the design of a complete new system or the modernization of an existing one, over migrations and integrations up to the cloud.

We can support you with short and long term projects handling the assessment, the project management and development you need.

Product development:

At GRIT solutions we want to help our customers to make better IT products:

  • We focus on the customers’ needs
  • We learn to work with emerging new technologies
  • We focus on the topics that matters most
  • We try to differentiate

We can give your company the necessary experts and tools to develop new applications on different platforms. From the design, over the testing phase and up to the delivery of the end product, GRIT can make the difference.

Managed services:

With our managed services we can create the right conditions to reduce the load on your IT infrastructure. We can optimize and adapt to your business needs. We can assist or take over some services of your IT.

These services cover your infrastructure, the computing power you need, your workplace tools, the applications on server and desktop side, the networking and the cloud.

The cloud allows us to optimize your IT via a flexible pool of resources. It allows us to consolidate and optimize, but there is a bigger impact.

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